User Experience research to ensure safe and Effective medicines, devices, healthcare products, and healthcare processes 

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As a contract research organization, we work as an outsourced partner or in-house staff.   We have the experience and education to lead pharmaceutical and device human factors/user experience activities.  Every project is unique and we focus on tailored solutions.

In conducting healthcare product market research, MDH Human Factors, LLC supports the health care product industry and marketers of medical equipment, supplies and services. The business intelligence we unlock helps you make timely and informed decisions. Our goal is to service you and directly support your success.  In order to meet your needs, we provide a complete range of quantitative and qualitative health care product research.  


In conducting human factors/user experience testing, we use Human Factors Engineering/Usability Engineering (HFE/UE) methods aimed at reducing or eliminating use errors in healthcare products.  Our experts use qualitative and quantitative methods to improve products including:

  • Identifying core processes and user groups
  • Defining user requirements
  • Measuring performance via heuristic evaluation, formative & summative testing in simulated use environments
  • Process/Product design/redesign
  • Software and website usability testing

MDH Human Factors, LLC is a contract research organization that provides outsourcing solutions for Human Factors Engineering/Usability Engineering (HFE/UE) and User Experience (UX) research.

Our experts design, improve, and test ​

  • Medical devices
  • Combination products
  • Healthcare products and goods
  • Software applications