Suzan Olson, Ph.D. MHS RN

​Certified Usability Analyst (CUA)

What We Do

The application of human factors assessment and testing allows us to apply our knowledge of human capabilities and limitations to the design and development of tools, devices, systems, and environment.  Human capabilities and limitations refers to our uniquely human physical, sensory, emotional, and intellectual capacities from the time of conception through end of life experiences.  

As your research and development partner, we ensure that medicine, devices, and healthcare products safe and effective.  We do this through the application of human factors engineering processes which include:

  1. An analytic process that directs the use of available use-interface design guidance
  2. A design and development process that tailors that guidance to the specific application
  3. A test and evaluation process that verifies that the design and development process has resolved issues identified during the analytic process

Our primary concern for a combination product, medical device, or healthcare product is to ensure it can be used safely and effectively.

Products manufactured with usability in mind is more safe, less prone to use error, enjoyable to learn, easy and satisfying to use.  Our evaluation processes apply to all aspects of a product or a process with which a human interacts and to all tasks that a human might perform.

Clinical Research and Human Factors Experience 

​​​Who We Are

Dr. Suzan Olson, Principal, is a human factors psychologist and registered nurse. She holds professional certificates as a Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) from Human Factors International, a certificate from Villanova as Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, and a certificate in Executive Leadership from Mendoza College of Business/ University of Notre Dame.  Dr. Olson has conducted global clinical trials and HFE/UE testing of combination products, medical devices, and healthcare products in pediatric and adult populations. ​

Ron Olson’s professional career spans more than 30 years experience in administrative and staff roles at school districts in Kansas, Michigan and Texas. He also took on Chief Financial Officer roles with two start-ups in clinical drug/device development.  He is a licensed specialist in school psychology with national board-certification. Additionally, he completed coursework at UCSD Extension in the Clinical Trials Administration Program.

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Ron Olson, M.Ed.

Chief Financial Officer