​Human Factors Engineering/User Experience

It is important to identify core processes and users and then define user requirements.  In a user-centric design, core processes and user's needs when interacting with a product are priortized.  We work closely with your design team to ensure that content, functionality, and design foster creation of a safe and effective product that is satisfying to use.  As human factors professionals, we use human psychology and human factors engineering principles and best practices to inform design decisions.  As experienced healthcare professionals, we bring knowledge of medicine and the context in which healthcare is provided/recieved to enhance this process.


Because the findings of formative and summative testing can be generalized, our verification and validation testing requires IRB review. Generally speaking, IRB preparation, submission, and review can be performed within a short period of time given finalization of the protocol.  Our team is highly skilled in IRB preparation, submission, and continuing review.

User Experience (UX) Testing Services/Consultation

  • General consultation

  • Focus groups and Interviews

  • Risk analysis

  • Research participant recruitment, screening

  • Formative and summative usability testing

  • Ergonomic evaluation and testing

  • Macroergonomics and health system assessment​